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How Our Direct Primary Care Practice Works

  • We charge a one-time registration fee and a low monthly fee. For the average person, their primary care physician takes care of 85-90% of their medical needs. Your membership covers most of the care you will need.

  • Visits are scheduled but do not need to be made far in advance.  We can usually accommodate same day/next business day requests. We are happy to do last-minute appointments as our schedule permits, but we do not accept walk-ins. Give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you. We try to work around your busy schedule (as well as ours), so some after hours/weekend visits can be arranged as needed. 

  • Services include most services and procedures routinely provided in a primary care setting and most services provided in an ER/urgent care not requiring a specialist to be called.

  • The additional charges, if any, for items like medical supplies (for example suture kits if you needed stitches), medications administered in the office, IV fluids, and other services will be affordable and transparent.

  • We do NOT accept or bill any form of health insurance, and we cannot give you a receipt to send to your health insurance company for reimbursement. 

  • We encourage you to have health insurance or a medical cost sharing sharing plans for the ER, specialist visits, imaging, medications, and hospitalizations that can’t be avoided.  However, you may still be a member of our practice without insurance.

  • We are an excellent alternative if you cannot afford full coverage insurance, if you have catastrophic only coverage, if your deductible is high or if you like the idea of personal, timely care and are dissatisfied with commercial medicine.​

  • We limit the number of patients in our practice to avoid long waits for appointments,  and same day/next day appointments are available for sick visits. This also prevents rushed visits and allows adequate time to address your concerns.  

  • Since we will know our patients well, some issues can be addressed with phone calls, secure messaging, or even telemedicine when appropriate.

  • If you have or suspect an infectious illness, or don’t want to be exposed to others, we can arrange a visit time so that you will be the only patient in the office at that time.

  • We will be there for our patients. The office will not be closed due to pandemics, although we will modify our practice for the safety of patient and staff.

  • WE DO NOT PRESCRIBE NARCOTIC/OPIOIDS, BENZODIAZEPINE MEDICATIONS (examples include Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin and any other medication in this class), or other controlled/scheduled medications.
    IF THAT IS WHAT YOU NEED, THIS PRACTICE IS NOT FOR YOU.  However, if you have a chronic pain condition requiring treatment, you can be referred to the proper specialist.

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