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What is included with my Direct Primary Care membership?

For the monthly fee, the patient receives the following at no additional charge:

  • Office visits – acute care, chronic disease management, annual physicals…same or next day for acute illnesses, or emergencies and urgencies

  • Telemedicine visits, when appropriate.   You must have an initial in-person visit to establish care first. 

  • Access via phone & text message

  • Coordination of care with specialists, hospitals, home health, hospice and other care providers

  • Discounted labs

  • COMING SOON!  Discounted imaging services

  • Multiple procedures done for no additional cost except for the price of sterile equipment and medications

  • After-hours visits and care may be arranged on an individual basis to accommodate your work or school schedule.

Members also receive a discount on massage services with our licensed massage therapist.

Examples of Covered Services

  • Removal of cerumen (ear wax)

  • Repair of minor lacerations – only cost is for sterile equipment and sutures

  • Removal of benign skin lesions and warts – only cost is for sterile equipment and pathology cost

  • Aspiration or Injection of joints - only cost is for medication if injected

  • Pap smear – only cost is for pathology

  • Point-of-care ultrasound

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment​​

  • School physicals - patient is responsible for cost for any labs/immunizations that are required by the school

  • Work physicals - patient is responsible for cost for any labs required by the employer

  • Sports physicals

  • Incision and drainage of minor abscesses – only cost is for sterile equipment

  • Acute asthma therapy – only charge is for meds and fluids

  • IV therapy – only cost is for IV fluids and medications​

Labs, Prescriptions and Imaging

For patients with insurance, these tests can be billed to insurance by the outside lab, pharmacy, or hospital as usual, although it is often cheaper to do cash pricing.  We will always look to find ways to reduce the costs of imaging, prescriptions, and labs. We currently offer wholesale pricing on labs, and are working on discounted prices for imaging services. 

ER visits, hospitalizations, and specialist visits

These are the responsibility of the patient, with or without insurance.



We will work with you to get the best price we can find. Often this involves sending a prescription to a pharmacy so that you can use your health insurance to pick up the immunizations which we can then administer in our office. Sometimes immunizations can be given by the pharmacist, without a prescription. Some immunizations are also available at a low cost from a local health department. 

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