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We believe spending time
with our patients changes

What is Direct Primary Care and what does it mean for me?

  • Having a genuine relationship with your doctor

  • Seeing the same doctor at every visit

  • Pricing transparency

  • Lower costs for your primary care needs

  • Monthly membership that gives you peace of mind

  • Appointments scheduled same or next day when you’re sick

  • Ability to communicate with your doctor through in-person office visits, telemedicine, phone calls, email & text messaging

All Services Offered

Woman & Doctor
Botox Treatment
Doctor's Appointment

Direct Primary Care

Membership-based primary care by a physician who is board certifed in family medicine. 

Aesthetic Medical Services

Botox & Dysport 

Juvederm & Restalyne fillers Kybella

All done by a physician at our local office, without the hassle of driving out of town, no membership required.

DOT Physicals

AVAILABLE NOW for all drivers needing a DOT physical, with or without a membership.

Direct Patient Care is a new, exciting and affordable way of delivering primary care.

How Our Direct Primary Care Practice Works

  • We charge a one-time registration fee and a low monthly fee that covers most of the care you need.

  • Services include most services and procedures routinely provided in a primary care setting and most services provided in an ER/urgent care not requiring a specialist to be called.

  • Any additional charges for supplies or medications administered on site will be affordable and transparent.

  • We do NOT accept any form of health insurance.

  • We do encourage you to have insurance or a medical cost sharing plans for the ER, specialist visits, hospitalizations, etc. however you may still be a member of our practice without health insurance.

  • We limit the number of patients in our practice so that you are able to get an appointment without a long wait and your visits will not be rushed. 

  • Please see our "How It Works" page for more detailed information by clicking the link at the top right of this page, as it will answer many common questions.

Get Started

420 Charleston Drive, Suite B

Ripley, WV 25271

tel (681) 661-0123

fax (833) 431-1250 

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